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2 Free Water Bottles Mockup (PSD)

Water Bottles Mockup

The human body can survive without food up to a month if not more, but its need for water is stronger since it can only last for a few days. Every process our bodies go through requires water and it’s our responsibility to make sure it receives plenty. And the easiest way to do so is to keep a water bottle at hand at all times. So let customers become aware of what they’re buying and its benefits with this water bottle mockup. The freebie presents 2 bottles of the same size from a front point of view, so if your clients are interested in the back as much as the front of the bottle, you finally have the tool that enables you to showcase these designs side by side.

Created by Mr. Mockup, the PSD resource features easy-to-use options thanks to the smart objects which include editable labels, lids, and background. You can add branding projects for mineral water or get creative with more colorful designs for infused water or even fresh juice!

Water Bottles Mockup 2

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