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2 Free Softcover Book Mockups (PSD)

Softcover Book Mockup

Books, fiction or otherwise, are stories to be told. But there are tales that hide not just between their pages but on their covers as well, and all that it takes is a closer look at their history. So why don’t you tell a story of your own with this book cover mockup?

The resource created by Shawon Hasnat features several 5 x 8 inches books, enabling you to display your cover and spine designs. Covers are not an addition to the book, they are a piece of it, one that affects it in more ways than some might realize, and their display in high-quality should always be expected. Showcase the first edition cover and make your design the introduction of the book to the world or work on an updated version related to the movie adaptation for a more familiar look. Fitzgerald enjoyed Cugat’s cover of the Great Gatsby so much that he incorporated it into the plot and the cover of the famous novel become a classic of its own. And Cugat, although a talented artist, could not test his art, but you can easily do so with only a few clicks that enable you to share distinctive typography art and illustrations.

Softcover Book Mockup 2

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