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17 Colored Weather Icons (Ai)

Weather Icons

When it comes to literature and movies, the weather usually reflects the emotional state of characters, and sometimes even foreshadows upcoming events. The rain signifies melancholy, and we all know nothing renders a scene more dramatic than taking place in the pouring rain. The sunny light of day represents the rise of new and beautiful beginnings. We’ll leave you to ponder upon the rest of these wonderful elements and stick to introducing this weather icons set created by Tahir Ibn Maqbool.

The set contains 17 icons that present different weather conditions including sunny, cloudy, raining, snowing, windy, thunder, night etc. These creative tools carry three colors that’ll bring joy to all their viewers: white, yellow, and blue. Set against the right background, you’ll end up with magnificent end results. You can easily insert these cute icons in your designs and the work is done for the day.

File Adobe Illustrator
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