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16 Free Communication Vector Icons (AI)

Communication Vector Icons

The digital age arrives with a set of big communication challenges for traditional mainstream media, such as new relations with audiences, new languages and a new grammar. But this media revolution not only changes the communication landscape for the usual players, it also opens the mass communication system to a wide range of new players.

As far as enterprises, institutions, administrations, organizations, groups, families and individuals start their own online presence, they become “media” by their own. They also become “sources” for traditional media, and in many cases, they produce strong “media criticism”: opinion about how issues are covered by legacy media and delivering alternative coverage. With a wide range of social media platforms at their expense, there is no limit to the amount of content people can communicate to an audience of their liking, which could be the entire world, their friends and acquaintances, or just one person.

With a boom in digital platforms facilitating communication and social connections, we have a great resource to help you make your own platform more visually appealing and intuitive. This set of 16 icons from Graphic Pear shows communication in its different forms and stages by the means of vector icons. These icons can be downloaded for free, customized and edited using Adobe Illustrator, and exported in any format of your choice to be used to create amazing digital platforms as well as printable posters and infographics.

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