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16 Free Chinese New Year Icons (AI)

Chinese New Year Icons

Chinese New Year holds an important place in Chinese history. Like any other festival, Chinese New Year also comprises decorations, family gatherings, wearing traditional clothes, eating traditional foods, participating in parades, celebrating lantern festivals, and much more.

Putting up decorations with red color is considered a good luck charm for Chinese culture therefore, every piece of decoration is red. Wearing silk clothing is also part of participating in the spirit of the celebrations, again the color of traditional clothes is red, even the gifts are given in red envelopes. Moreover, the parades are also a treat to watch since the dragon’s dancers synchronize their dancing accompanied by traditional drumming. Also, the lantern festival is celebrated on the last day of the Chinese New Year, which lights up the sky with a mesmerizing view.

This (AI) illustration is fully editable, customizable, and is primarily targeted towards online Chinese businesses and movements that celebrate the red festival called the Chinese new year.

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