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12 Free Carpenter Icons (AI)

Carpenter Icons

Before starting any woodwork project, the most important thing to decide on is the skilled team of carpenters that would be working on the project; carpenters are the backbone of any project since they are the ones who make sure that the wood structure and furniture they are building is strong enough and durable in the long run.

The illustration highlights equipment that the carpenters need to work with; they need to make sure that they are wearing safety goggles, face shields, head protection, cut-resistance gloves since they are cutting heavy woods with circular saws, hammers, nail guns, etc. Therefore, it is essential to be safe while working since any minor mistake can cost them their precious lives.

This completely editable Adobe Illustrator file portrays a set of 12 different icons depicting different working tools that carpenters use to work efficiently and keep themselves safe.

Carpenter Icons 2

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