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100+ Responsive Device Mockups (Sketch)

Responsive Device Mockups

The Cave of Wonders (from Aladdin) is a cavern filled with vast treasures and riches. And we might not know how to guide you through, but today, we share with you the key to a Cave of Wonders that better suits our current times.

This is the devices collection from Facebook Design, and it includes a large set of images and Sketch files of popular electronic devices, all of which come with a bitmap of the device (with and without shadows). The selection includes all the elements you need for an elaborate and responsive UX and UI project with high-quality features, so you can choose to display images, applications, posters, online ads, and many more. With one click, you’ll be able to obtain files for phones including Google Pixel, Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and even Nokia, watches (Sony, Apple), computers, and tablets. Download the freebies, browse for hours, and pick your favorite scene for your next incredible website presentation.

Responsive Device Mockups 1

Responsive Device Mockups 2

Responsive Device Mockups 3

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