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5 Free Concrete Textures (PNG)

Concrete Texture 3

Textures, whatever their type or purpose is, bring depth to your designs. So whether textures are rarely part of your projects or a constant and needed element, you can always make use of classic presentations with these free textures created by Vladimir Radetzki.

Although these textures are inspired by a concrete wall surface, their design should not be simply used as a decorative background. Use them as they are for notebook covers and simple postcard designs with subtle shades or add them to posters, flyers, brochures, and other stationery designs, and highlight your logos and texts. The different shades provided even allow you to present light or dark presentations or a mix of both with contrasting designs and backgrounds. Provided in PNG format, these free resources come in 4096 x 4096 pixels at 72dpi (with horizontal and vertical options).

Concrete Texture 2

Concrete Texture 3

Concrete Texture 4

Concrete Texture 5

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Software / Format png Posted : 4 Feb, 2020 8,131 Views